The Importance of English

Our students are in the best sensitive period for language acquisition.ingles-imagen
Our responsibility is to begin the early language learning process in the first stage of school education.
Teaching a foreign language at this stage, to children from 0 to 6, focuses on oral and written codes, with the emphasis on the oral code for children from 0 to 3.
At this age, children imitate very well, they are not easily embarrassed, and don’t translate what the teacher is saying; they are like sponges that copy everything the teacher says and does. That is why language learning takes place through an immersion process. Students will naturally acquire different language skills, such as phonetics, sounds, pronunciation, intonation and expressions of the language that they will remember forever.
All of this will be completed with an introduction to the most relevant features of the socio-cultural context. The teaching-learning process is funny, active and meaningful. The activities in English will be taught in all areas and at different times of the day. The language will be part of the rest of the activities.
Throughout the day, English is spoken through storytelling, songs, games, dialogues and by implementing basic execution instructions. All of our methodology, full of large doses of motivation, facilitates the language understanding and oral exchange.


Summer Camp

testimonio-summer-campIntensive and funny English course for children from 0 to 8 years that will enjoy lots of adventures. From 24th June to 6th September, 2019!

Inglés intensivo y divertido para nuestros pequeños con multitud de aventuras de 0 a 8 años. ¡Desde el 24 de Junio hasta el 6 de septiembre del 2019!

“Tengo que deciros que mi hija Olaia está encantadísima con el campamento y la evolución del aprendizaje de inglés es muy notable. Todos los días viene cantando en inglés, se acuesta cantando en inglés…

Si el año que viene todavía tienen edad para ir, ¡no me lo pensaré lo mas mínimo! nos tendréis ahí el verano completo.”

Edurne, mamá de Olaia